31 jul. 2012

30 day sketchbook challenge

30 day sketchbook challenge: Those of us in the Pixar Story Dept. recently initiated an unofficial assignment to fill a sketchbook in a month.  It was an attempt to get us to draw more outside of work commitments- in the event only 4 of us kept up with our books. We're used to meeting crazy deadlines here but this one was a push to hit, even for those of us who maintain a sketchbook regularly.
I kept the book in hand constantly rather than in my bag-it makes you more willing to open it and jot down observations.

I'll start putting up some of the better pages here . . .

 I usually avoid 'commuter' drawings -I did hundreds of these on the Tube in London and the  Paris Metro but usually you just end up with a sketchbook full of floating heads!  But with the pressure on to fill this book I would inevitably spend my time on BART trying to capture some of the locals.

 Walking home through the Mission District after work I made a habit of stopping to draw anything that caught my eye, from old Victorian style houses to the roadworks on Cesar Chavez.
Strolling around my neighbourhood one weekend I discovered a park with a great view of Bernal Heights
 I figured a Dr Sketchy's session would help fill up some pages. This time the theme was 'zombie slaying'!

More to come . . .